Lumineers are Ultra-thin Cerinate porcelain. They are cemented on your teeth without drilling or removing any part of them, and it’s the most important point, you have nothing to lose, perhaps you protect them from discoloration, and cavities!

Lumineers Dubai by Dr. Habib Zarifeh Beware Of Fake Lumineers: Ask For Your 5 Years International Warranty!

Ferrari Dental Clinic is the only official provider for Lumineers in Lebanon, and the Only Clinic in The Middle East that Can provide the Lumineers by Cerinate in only 6 Days.

Even in your busy days you can get your Lumineers only in 2 sessions!

After your consultation with Dr.Habib Zarifeh you are due to a 3D impression for your natural teeth (without drilling), then we fill a detailed application sheet provided by the Cerinate Lab for all your preferences , and we send it to our certified Labs by the Lumineers! After few days they send back the Lumineers lenses ,very high quality aesthetic and resistant ceramic.

After 6 buisness days it’s time for placement, we cement them on your natural teeth with a special plasma technology.

Lumineers are perfectly safe!

No Pain

No anesthesia

& No Drilling!

Lumineers - Before & After

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