Smile Infinity Prepless Veneers

Smile Infinity Prepless veneers is a high end technique exclusively available at Veneers Dubai by Smile Infinity Clinics.

The technique is done within 2 sessions; on your first appointment our specialized dentist will take the impression, on your second appointment the high quality veneers done at our ISO Certified lab will be placed.

Those veneers are placed with No pain, No Drilling, and No anesthesia. The veneers shade and shape are customized for each patient as per the his/her preference.

Theoretically, this treatment can last up to 15 years.

A Certification with a 5 years’ international warranty to be given.

Smile Infinity Z2 Veneers

The Smile Infinity Z2 Veneers is a new method that was improved for a beautiful natural smile.

The Z2 Veneers is Brighter and Natural than any other technique! Not only that, Z2 Veneers is 30% more resistant than any other technique, with a 0.3 thin layer.

Exceptional Brightness and translucency is guaranteed with this technique, that is done within 3-5 days without drilling any layer of teeth. This technique lasts up to 20 years and a 5 years international warranty is provided.